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Masarat aims to upskill Emirati job seekers and facilitate their entry into the UAE job market

The program targets all Emirati job seekers looking for employment. Masarat provides comprehensive career guidance, mentorship, & training, as well as access to potential public and private sector roles, all customized to individual needs.

Program Structure

The program follows a three-step approach to ensure everything is customized to your needs.

Program Benefits

Joining Masarat will result in several valuable benefits, which you will carry throughout your professional life

Who can apply to Masarat?

Masarat targets Emirati job seekers residing anywhere in the UAE. If you are looking for a full-time job in the private sector, then this program is for you.

Eligible candidates include:
• High school graduates
• University graduates, or those about to graduate (Senior II)
• Seasoned professionals
• Unemployed nationals

Before you Apply

Please review the following document before you begin the application form, to help guide your career choices and gain a better understanding of the career opportunities in your chosen field.

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